Friday, June 26, 2009

where is batman when you need him

mark and i awoke this morning to a knock on our door. at 3:30 am. i wasn't sure if i was dreaming or not, so i asked him if it was really a knock, and he confirmed my suspicion. he gets us, and creeps toward the door. me, having seen way too many horror movies, tells him not to look through the peep hole. you could lose an eye!

my mind starts racing about who could possibly be knocking on our door at 3:30 in the morning. i remember that my mom has been home alone for the past 8 days (my dad and brother are up in alaska). i think to check my phone. one missed call. from mom's cell. at 3:20 am. a light bulb turns on. i whisper to mark, i think it's my mom. she called me just a few minutes ago.

the tension begins to lift, as mark opens the door, and my little mom stares back at us. "there was another bat in the house." WHAT?! i had just rallied up some of zac's friends to go over there on wednesday and kill a different bat that had shown his ugly face. "another bat? are you serious?"

she goes on to tell us that she woke up at 2 am to the sound of fluttering wings. when she opened her eyes, she could see it, flying around her head in circles around the room. she threw the covers over her head and mummified herself within the blankets, trying to figure out what to do. she couldn't believe there was another one. she had just gotten over the fact that there was one in the first place, and felt relieved that it must have been a freak, one-time thing. but no, another one showing up had confirmed her greatest fear: they had a bat problem.

but where were they getting in? and how? that's what she couldn't figure out. they've never had a bat problem, a rodent problem, or really even a bug problem. this seemed so bizarre.

oh, and apparently cats are good for nothing, because they didn't smell or find them throughout all of this. i secretly hope they get bit and get rabies. i wouldn't care. may sound harsh, but honestly...they have no real purpose. annie just molests people with her ear licking, and sadie just begs for treats. other than that, they stink up the basement with their litter box, and try to get outside. that's all they do, all day long. i don't see the point.

chief on the other hand...if he gets rabies...that will be a different story. i will not be happy about that. he is just a big blob though. i'm sure he would not frighten or intimidate the bat and give it any reason to bit him. let's cross our fingers.

so anyway. i'm tired today, and thought it was a funny story. if you enjoyed hearing it, well good. if not, thanks anyway.

maybe your friday be a wonderful one. and listen to some MJ for me. only a few more hours in the office...


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