Saturday, July 4, 2009


it's july 4 today, and i believe a "Happy Independence Day" is in order.

this isn't a history lesson, but can you believe that our country has only been free for 233 years? that doesn't seem like THAT long ago.

i mostly wanted to write on the subject to express my thanks and gratitude for the freedom we get to experience in our country. i don't want to ruffle any feathers, but i think all too often, we as a society can get too wrapped up in things going on around us, and forget just how lucky we are.

we argue and fight about policies, about war, about political candidates and our health care system--which sure, are all valid things to have an opinion about--but i think sometimes we focus so much on these things, we allow ourselves to get disappointed in the country that has also given us so much freedom and opportunity to enjoy life and make something of it.

i use to say to people, "if you're really so unhappy here and hate the way everything is done, why don't you just leave? why not go to the middle east, central america, or asia? do you really think it would be better there?"

people all over the world are living in poverty that we can't comprehend. i know that we have poverty in our own country too, but it doesn't touch the surface of what exists beyond the US. and our government that we hate and complain about so often...? i can guarantee you that if you were living under a dictatorship, forced to live in a communistic society, you wouldn't be thinking our democratic style of doing things is so bad. think about the women in the middle east that virtually have no freedom. the christians all over the world that are tortured and killed because they want to believe in God. the sick and hurting that have no chance because everyone around them IS sick, and hurting, and that's how their government, or lack of a government wants it.

compared to the rest of the world, we have it pretty good. NO, things aren't perfect. there is a lot of stuff going on here that could bring tears to our eyes, and it does. it's not right, and it's not fair. i personally think we've taken our freedom to far, filling our lives with so many things that are not important, only distracting us from the the things that really matter in life. but that's another topic.

but, all in all, i'm grateful and happy that i live here, in the united states of america.

i have the freedom to worship a God that I love. i have the opportunity to develop a skill set that God has given me, and work. i have the privilege of an income, that can not only pay my bills, but bless others as well. i can wear what i want, live as i want and believe what i want. there are actually, very few things that i cannot do. it's really a matter of doing my best to choose the right things to do and live by, and using caution with the rest.

so, with that being said. enjoy today. enjoy the fact that you CAN enjoy today. enjoy your family, your friends, your freedom.

we are blessed.

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