Tuesday, June 23, 2009


a good communicator must be able to put themselves in the shoes of the one they hope to connect with. they must be able to step outside the box of what they know, and see how things are perceived from a different perspective. they also must be willing to put all biases aside and absorb a variety of opinions. more than anything, they must know who they are catering their message to, and what really gets that 'person' going. WHAT will reach them at a heart level? what will make them take your words seriously and dwell on them? and what will make your message stand out from the rest?

it's a big task to get someone's attention this day and age.
i find myself competing with anything and everything.
yet, i find energy and excitement in knowing that God is in all i do. and that ultimately, it's his message i strive to deliver.
or at least i try to make sure it is.

i invite him to take part. to lead, to show me the way.
his words are greater than mine. his message much stronger.
i'm just a tool, a vehicle...flesh.

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