Thursday, June 11, 2009

god is no fool

When i graduated from northwestern in the spring of 07, my journalism professor found me afterward and handed me a gift. it was wrapped up, but i could tell it was probably a book. i wondered what it was, thinking it probably had something to do with writing since that was in fact, our common bond.

when i opened it later, i saw that it was a book by Lois A. Cheney called God is No Fool. It looked old school, and since I often DO judge books by their cover (i'm partial to things that look pretty), I wasn't sure it was something i cared to look at. So I didn't.

I've been reading lots of fiction lately, and it's been great to just engulf myself in a story and be somewhere else. I've found myself falling in love with these characters i'm reading about. i'm going through everything with them, and hanging on to every last word. i guess you could say i really get into it, but i don't believe you can truly enjoy a story unless you do just that.

i finished my last book called The Orchard a few days ago, and i was scrambling around the house looking to see what i could read next. i wasn't in the mood for a trip to the library, so i walked over to the bookcase in my room where i had shelved tons of books from college that i hadn't 'read' yet, but had every intention of doing so. there it was staring back at me...God is No Fool. "Well, that's true," I thought. I opened it up and found a scribbled note my professor had left for me on the inside cover.

I'm looking forward to seeing what God does with your life. Aim high, Jackie--you've got what it takes. Keep writing.

I closed it slowly and held it close. I felt a warm feeling come over me, and my heart felt good. After that, I decided to keep this with me so everytime i feel like my stories suck, or i have writer's block, i can look back at it and remember that he believes i can do it. Sometimes that is all we really need. someone to believe in us. to give us that extra boost of confidence that we need to get the job done. i think we can lie to ourselves too easily and let satan convince us that our time and talent is being wasted. that we don't have anything signficant to offer to anyone. that we're not good at anything. but don't let him beat you up with those thoughts.

i know i have to decide each and every day that what God has gifted me to do is a true blessing, and for me to not use that gift would be a shame. he's put all of us here for a reason. he's given us strenghths and talents to use for his good work. we may never know how our 'work' has affected another, but that i believe is the beauty in it. we touch lives all the time without knowing it. and if we're being genuine about our offerings and looking to God to bless them, he will. and he will use them to reach this world and the people around us.

i plan to start reading God is No Fool tonight, and hopefully i will get the chance to blog about my first chapter. stay tuned.


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