Thursday, July 30, 2009

old musings

Friday, November 09, 2007

i once had this vision, of something i wanted to do.

i can still see it, but it's off in the distance now. sometimes i think i can just reach out and grab it, but then God reminds me why i am where i am today. he still needs to teach me things. he needs me to be where i am, doing what i'm doing, so i can be prepared for the future he has in store. i didn't believe it at first, but lately, it seems to make sense.

this is for my friends, who want to light the fire...

we are a plagued people. we have dirtied and distorted everything God has given us. we can barely see the beauty in anything anymore. we have to peel back several layers to find anything authentic. we are insecure and discontent. we need more, want more and wish we were anything but ourselves. the gift of life has become a curse and a burden. we don't appreciate anything. we dwell and can't wait for 'whatever it is' to be over. many of us live everyday as part of pattern. rhythm is comfortable, and all that is known. we accept what our traditions have brought us, and play our part, one generation at a time. we look around and we know that the times have changed. everything is getting worse, but that's just the natural progression. 'nothing can be done' we say. so we continue to accept our current circumstances. we wait for someone else to change things, or we convince ourselves that Jesus is coming back soon.


he's not here yet. and though he is indeed coming, the time isn't today. he wants us to make good use of our time here. he wants us to do what we can to bring people to him. he wants us to stop waiting, and start living. he did not create us to sit back and remain indifferent. he also did not create sin, but it happened. and it's a powerful force in our world today. though we are sinners, we also have the power and the strength of a mighty God to help us overcome whatever we come up against.

so we must be brave enough to face the harsh realities before us. we must fill our minds with truth and ask God for the strength to carry on. we must educate those that need to hear truth. we need to bring forth change.

we need to be willing to let God lead. it's scary to let go, but it's neccessary to see God really work. it's a beautiful thing when we trust him. i believe he smiles and takes our hand. imagine what he could do through each and every one of us if we just asked him to work?

why sit back and wonder?

ask him.

and be silent.

listen to what he's laying upon your heart.

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  1. I still have that vision. I think about it sometimes. I hope that He will still make a way for it.-hope